Our Commitment: The Case for Aluminium

Our Commitment: The Case for Aluminium

We chose aluminium containers for our hair care products due to their numerous benefits that align with our commitment to sustainability and product quality. We have unpacked our thought processes below and are sharing them with you on our journey to reducing plastic waste in the hair care industry.  Aluminium is a lightweight yet durable material that offers several advantages which we will explore below.



Firstly, aluminium is highly recyclable. Unlike many other materials, aluminium can be recycled repeatedly without losing its quality. This helps reduce waste and minimise our environmental impact.

Secondly, aluminium containers are non-toxic and food-grade, making them safe for storing cosmetic products like hair care items. They provide a barrier against light, moisture, and air, helping to preserve the integrity and efficacy of our clean formulations.

Additionally, aluminium containers are eco-friendly. The production of aluminium requires less energy compared to other materials like plastic or glass. Choosing aluminium supports our goal of promoting sustainable practices throughout our supply chain.



Furthermore, aluminium containers are versatile, sleek and convenient. They are easy to transport, handle, and dispose of responsibly. The lightweight nature of aluminium also reduces carbon emissions during transportation.

Overall, our decision to use aluminium containers reflects our dedication to producing high-quality hair care products while minimising our environmental footprint. By opting for aluminium, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable future and provide our customers with safe, effective, and environmentally conscious hair care solutions.


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