Sustainable Hair lifestyle

Rory views earth-friendly practices as a vital aspect of his business and continually seeks opportunities to enhance sustainability in the hair care industry.

Proudly Australian Formulated

Cult Hair Collection

Cult Hair Collection

Discover the essence of innovative hair care with the Cult Hair Collection... 

Clean Formulas

  • Emma

    Super luxe hair care that brings my colour treated hair to a smooth and shiny state. Whilst the scent evokes a serene spa-like experience that makes wash day pure bliss! Also love the guys in the salon they do the best blondes!

  • Elle

    To dieeeee for! Honestly THE best hairbrush I have ever used in my life! I have had to safeguard it from every friend that has ever used it and even my own husband. The boar bristles make for such beautiful lush-looking hair post-brush. Obsessed!

  • Stephanie

    Super hydrating and softening without weighing my hair down! The scent is amazing too