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Rory Rice

Boar Hair Bristle Brush

Boar Hair Bristle Brush

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The Boar Hair Bristle Brush by Rory Rice Luxury Hair Care is Rory's styling tool of choice. The Rory Rice Luxury Hair Care Bristle Brush adds shine through closing down the hair cuticle which enhances light reflection. It also reduces breakages and frizz whilst gently removing expired strands. When used regularly, it can promote healthy hair growth as it gently massages the scalp and promotes blood flow whilst unblocking sebaceous glands. The Rory Rice Luxury Hair Care Bristle Brush gently distributes natural oils along the follicle, protecting hair and increasing manageability.

Gather and brush out hair from the ends using a soft feathering motion starting at the mid lengths to the tips. Continue to do this until the scalp is reached at the front of your hair then move towards the crown. Polish your style by gently running the bristles from root to tip.

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