Rory Recomends: How to Maximise your Hair Mask

Rory Recomends: How to Maximise your Hair Mask

Hair masks act as superfoods for your hair, especially during chilly weather. They're a powerhouse of essential nutrients, ensuring your hair stays healthy, shiny, and vibrant. To make the most of these benefits, Rory recommends some tried and tested ways he has gathered over the years to maximise your hair mask and achieve consistently beautiful hair, whatever the season. 

First, choose a hair mask tailored to your hair type and concerns. Whether you're dealing with dryness, damage, or colour-treated hair, there's a mask designed to meet your specific needs. Opt for masks containing natural oils and a rich, paste-like consistency for optimal results. Look for oils like Jojoba, Argan, Sweet Almond, Manketti seed, and Moringa seed, as they provide excellent moisture. Additionally, prioritise antioxidant-rich ingredients such as Algae Oil and Queen Garnett, which strengthen and soften dry, brittle strands.


Before applying the mask, shampoo your hair to remove any dirt and buildup. This preps your hair, allowing the mask to penetrate deeply and deliver nutrients where they're needed most. Generously apply the mask from roots to ends, massaging it into your scalp and hair to enhance circulation and absorption. For deeper penetration, cover your hair with a shower cap or warm towel to open up the hair cuticles and let the mask work its magic more effectively.


Follow the instructions on the mask regarding the recommended duration for leaving it on. Typically, 10-30 minutes is sufficient for most masks to yield results. After the designated time, rinse out the mask with lukewarm water, ensuring you remove all traces to prevent buildup that can weigh down your hair. Rory's favourite technique is to rinse with cold water after removing the mask. This final rinse helps seal the hair cuticles, locking in moisture and leaving your locks smooth and shiny.



Rory strongly advocates incorporating a hair mask into your weekly hair care routine to ensure your locks look their best and feel healthy from root to tip.

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